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In Hero Wars you can play multiple characters on different servers, and you can also change the server for the main character to play with other players.

To transfer or create a new character you need to go to the profile you want to transfer and click “Change server”:

After that you will see the server selection screen, where you can choose a server and transfer your current progress there:

You can create a new character on any free server. But with transferring you can only do it to a server below yours. Because these servers are older than yours. You can’t transfer the character to a newer server, as it will be unfair to new players who play less than you.

When you transfer your character, you keep your VIP level and all your progress except for your arena/grand arena place and the guild itself. It is explained by the fact that other players are there and they have created other guilds, and all places on the arenas are also taken by someone else, you will have to conquer them again. One free transfer is available.

Important! Transfer operation cannot be canceled.

You can return to your initial server or any other server below the initial one by paying for this operation.

16 thoughts on “Change server

  1. Huge blow in HeroWars after upgrade. I am a VIP15 player at Server 86. My player name is MonsterPer and I’m in the Impaler Vikings guild. After upgrade today I’ve got a new account at server 387 with player name “player”. It is impossible to get to my account MonsterPer at server 86. I’ve spend a lot of money into this game, several thousand dollars. How can I get my MonsterPer account at server 86 back? This is crises!!!!!

    1. Same thing happened to me today. I contacted support and they said that they’ll fix it, but so far nothing has happened. Lost all progress (Level 97), all money, emeralds and energy, and VIP level back to 0. Also named ‘Player’. If they can’t locate and restore my old profile, I’m going to want a refund of all the money I’ve spent in the game. I’m already bleak that my guild has no clue where I am and that I let them down in the cross-server tournament and the gold guild battle.

      1. Same thing happened to me today and in middle of guild war too! I can’t remember but server number and can’t just pop in to various ones easily to try and locate it.

    2. Can u not got to the server list and scroll down to ur original server and see ur original team, then tap and ur back.. thats how it works with multiple accts.

  2. Still can’t get things update,I have reinstall it several times now,no feed back from u guys,I guess u guys still sleeping 😴😴,two days of activity can’t be done,pay for valkyrie favor can’t be done this is stupid

  3. After finally getting to top ranks of my guild Fallen Angels and level 88 all my progress reset! I had my Tristan up to four stars and some too heroes I spent money way on to get. My guild has no idea where I am and we were working in the hydra as well! Anyone from the server who sees this can you comment the server number as I have no idea out of the hundreds there are. I emailed support but no idea when this will be fixed.

      1. It says plain as day the very last sentence, you can return to your initial server or any below that by paying for this operation. Yes this has never been allowed but if my account is born on S185 I move to S4 and want to go to S80 I should be allowed as I am still playing on servers older than my original server…

        1. idk what you’re all on about, i just tested with a free account and i was given the option to return to the original server by paying, so the info is correct

  4. My friend and I both have the hero wars app and we both joined the same server but they were called different things my server was wld-420 and his was t1-420 how can we be on the same server?

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