Role: Support, Mage
Main stat: Intelligence
Where to get? Special events

Alvanor lay in slumber in an age-old shrine for thousand of years, waiting to be summoned to battle yet again. As he slept, he had a vision of sacred groves aflame in demonic fire, the putrid stench of the undead emanating from the ancient burial sites, and the triumphant roar of orcs over the battlefield. Alvanor unsealed the rune-covered gates and rushed out to save his people once more.


Runes of Ice – Alvanor conjures 5 runes of Ice in front of himself and launches them at enemies. Each rune travels towards the nearest enemy, damaging and slowing the target.

Rune of Life – Alvanor conjures a Rune of Life that heals all allies once per second. While the rune is active, all allied Elves are healed twice as effectively regardless of the healing source.

Rune of Fire – Alvanor invokes the power of Rune of Fire, unleashing it on the two nearest enemies. Each target takes magic damage.

Rune of Earth – Alvanor activates a Rune of Earth to protect his allies. While the rune is active, allies take decreased damage from basic attacks. The Rune of Earth is always active for Elves.

Additional information: Alvanor is a core of full Elves team. He provides great sustain abilities for his team. However, as running full Elves team (Aurora, Alvanor, Kai, Dark Star and Thea) is very expensive, this team will rarely be seen at the higher ranks in the Arena.