Role: Mage, Support
Main stat: Intelligence
Where to get? Special events
Special: Mystic

Amira has been careless in her wishes and was imprisoned inside a lamp through treachery. The Heroes of the Dominion have rescued her, and so she has joined the ranks of the defenders out of gratitude. Think before you wish for something – otherwise you might end up facing unexpected consequences.


Careless Wish – Amira burries her foes under mounds of cursed gold. After 10.0 seconds the curse is released from the gold and deals damage based on its health. Each time an opponent deals damage, they also deal the same damage to their mound of gold. Each Mystic ally other than Amira raises the gold’s health by 10%.

Fair Deal – Amira makes a “fair deal” with those enemies that have Agility as their main stat. Their critical hits become critical fumbles for 9.0 seconds and their critical hit chance increases. Critical fumbles deal half as much damage as a regular attack.

Genie’s Patronage – Amira activates the Patronage for 8.0 seconds, protecting her allies. While the Patronage is active, her allies don’t take magic damage lower than 3800 (depends on magic attack) from enemies that have Intelligence as their main stat. Patronage is always active for Mystics.

Endurance Test – Amira tests the enemies that have Strength as their main stat by depleting 5% of their Max Energy. If their Max Health is below 72500 (depends on magic attack) she instead depletes 50% of their Max Energy.

Additional information: Amira is one of the core heroes in the Mystic team. She is a great hero when fighting against heroes who has a main stat of Agility, Intelligence or Strength. Paired with other Mystic heroes: Martha, Celeste, Rufus, Satori and Ziri, we might see some really cool team compositions. Amira and other Mystic heroes can be often seen at the higher ranks in the Arena.