Role: Support / Control. Fights at the front line.
Main stat: Strength
How to get? Heroic Chests or during special event.

He does not like it when others call him a legend. Andvari believes that the Titan Artifacts he created are merely a necessity in the war against evil. His talent, honesty and eagerness to work makes it obvious that the element of Earth made the right choice!


Titan’s Fist – strikes the nearest enemy and deals damage with a giant first, stunning them / nearby enemies for 3 seconds.

Living Earth – passive skill that protects allies behind Andvari from crowd control effects.

Stone Grasp – summons a stone hand that targets the lowest-health enemy with physical damage and stun effects, binding them to the ground for 2 seconds.

Nature’s Barrier – creates a barrier that shields the lowest-armor ally from physical and pure damage, with this ally gaining bonus energy.

Additional information: It does not seem that Andvari is as effective as Jorgen and Dorian are in this category, but if you can get him leveled up sufficiently, he’s a good alternative for either one of those. He’s an optional hero and could be rarely found in any top teams.