Role: Warrior, Control
Main stat: Agility
How to get? Heroic Chests or during special event.

There is no trace of humanity left in her. Arachne is a perfect assassin. Her hypnotic gaze freezes her prey and her claws tear the unfortunate victim apart.


Demolition Robot – summons a monster that charges at the first visible enemy, before exploding and stunning enemies within the area for 2 seconds.

Teleport – jumps to the target with the lowest health, attacks them with claws and jumps back.

Underground Strike — damages and stuns the nearest rival, also stuns any surrounding enemy for 3 seconds.

Neurotoxin — poisons any enemy she attacks for 3 seconds.

Additional information: You would like to give her a try if you’re lucky to get her Soul Stones in the Heroic Chest. It might take a while, as you will need 30 Soul Stones in order to summon her. It is going to be even more difficult to maximize her stars as you can not far her soul stones in the campaign. Arachne’s specialty is crowd control, which wouldn’t be too important in the earlier chapters, but it is way more important so as you continue leveling up your Heroes. She is rarely found in any top teams.