Role: Marksman
Main stat: Agility
Where to get? Chapter 8 – Flaming Gates, Chapter 11 – Grimling Camp, Heroic Chests

The huntress fades into a shadow in the night. Reaching the sorceress, she kills her immediately. Remember, which, death has a name, and her name is Artemis!


Deadly Shower – strikes enemies with a rain of arrows.

Smart Arrow — fires an arrow that strikes the nearest enemy then attacks other enemies at random as it bounces to random enemies several times.

True Light — creates a flash of light that damages all enemies within range and blinds them for 3 seconds.

Punishing Arrows — passive skill that allows Artemis to deal more damage progressively with each attack, depending on her remaining health.

Additional information: Like Ginger, Artemis might be a good use as a ranged attacker that could serve you well in the first few chapters of Hero Wars. The higher you advance in the campaign, the less powerful she will become. She is rarely found in any top teams.