Role: Tank, Support
Main stat: Strength
Where to get Soul Stones: Chapter 1 – Ashen Road, Chapter 2 – Magic Thicket, Chapter 5 – Drowner’s Bridge, Chapter 7 – Blood of the Earth, Heroic Chests

Astaroth’s scorching blade emanates unbearable heat. His eyes burn with infernal flame. Rejected by God, this angel was filled with rage. His only goal is to burn this world to ashes!


Flame Veil – Casts a shield that blocks physical damage on the entire team. The shield’s capacity is shared between all the team members.

Devastation — spews a flare of hellfire, burning up some of the energy accumulated by the furthest enemy.

Demon Allegiance — passive skill that allows Astaroth to connect with the Hero with the lowest health and absorb some of the physical damage.

Last Word — once per battle, Astaroth resurrects a fallen ally (or himself).

Additional information: Once you will complete the first stage in the first chapter, you will for sure unlock Astaroth, who is a Tank / Support character that absorbs damage through his relatively high Health, while also shielding opponents from damage. Astaroth is for sure worth investing as he’s very commonly found in the top teams and is one of the strongest tanks in the game.