Astrid and Lucas

Role: Warrior / Marksman
Main stat: Agility
How to get? Heroic Chests or during special event

Astrid embraced the furry neck of her pet. Lucas didn’t mind, for it and could understand that she needed it more than ever before. It was only yesterday that the young woman’s eyes were full of life, and now her gaze was stern, frigid. Everything they had to go through together fused their hearts into one.


Go for it, Lucas! – Astrid gathers 17 percent rage for each succeeding attack, and once it reaches 100 percent, Lucas transforms into “rage form” and attacks the nearest enemy, transforming back into passive form once his rage goes back to zero. Each of the cat’s attacks reduces his rage by 7 percent.

Rampant Nature — Astrid gets an attack and skill speed boost for 9 seconds, though Lucas will only get this boost if he is in rage form.

Predator’s Charge — passive skill that increases Lucas’ damage for each successive attack if he is in rage form.

Tracker’s Mark — passive skill. Each of the hero’s attacks marks the enemy hit with the Tracker’s Mark for 4 seconds. If the pet hits a marked enemy, the enemy is stunned for a short period.

Additional information: Astrid is the only Hero with a pet — Lucas, the cat, who is strangely described by the game as an “it” despite having an obviously male name. That aside, Astrid and Lucas are a good addition if you like to take advantage of passive skills, and even in general, as you have basically got two Heroes for the price at one — the main hero (Astrid) and her pet (Lucas). This hero is rarely found in any top teams.