Role: Tank
Main stat: Strength
Where to get? Chapter 2 – Lava Fracture, Chapter 5 – Flourishing Life, Chapter 9 – Shore, Heroic Chests

As a child, Aurora chose to follow the Light. She left her house and went a long way to finally receive the title of Paladin of Riversar, thus becoming a protector and a lantern for her people.


Crystal of Selias – a light flash at the center of the enemy team and deals damage to all enemies around the point of impact.

Crystalline Onslaught – stuns and damage a nearby target.

Piercing Light – costs a spark of light which deals damage to all rivals in its way.

Rainbow Halo – passive skill. Absorbs magic damage before exploding and damaging nearby enemies once it absorbs a certain amount of damage.

Additional information: Aurora is one of Hero Wars’ signature Heroes and one of the first whom you can summon by naturally playing the game and completing the stages. She’s a quite squishy Tank that isn’t as effective or as durable as Galahad. Of course, she becomes more effective and useful once you’ve ranked her up, so you may want to be patient as you deal with her weaknesses on the battlefield at first. However, it is not really worth investing much into her as she’s one of the weakest tanks, for instance, Astaroth might be way a better choice. She is very rarely found in any top teams.