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Ever been wondering on how to beat strong K’arkh or heavy mage teams as they seem to be unbeatable? In this post you will be able to find heroes and check in what situations they could be used for their best abilities.
This list might become less accurate as more changes are introduced to the game. We’ll try to keep this list updated and add more counter possibilities for each hero.


Satori is a great counter against K’arhk, Twins, Andvari, Jorgen and Orion team compositions.


Celeste counters Astaroth ressurect and all healers in the game. That happens due to her Limbo skill in the dark form which blocks big percentage of healing and converts it to the magic damage.


Andvari is a good counter against Cleaver, Twins and K’arkh teams. While Andvari is alive, Living Earth passive skill protects all allies behind him from displacement and knock-up effects.


Cornelius is the best counter to heavy mage teams. His skill: Rune of Suppression hits enemy with the highest Magic Attack and reduces their Magic Attack for the next 12 seconds. Cornelius also casts Protective Dome which barrier is placed on the entire team and increases Magic Defense for 6 seconds.
He’s also great counter against Satori and Celeste as his Heavy Wisdom skill hits the enemy with the highest Intelligence with a monolith and deals damage proportionally to their Intelligence.


Aurora as a tank is considered to be a better counter for mage teams than Rufus as Rufus simply takes magic attack and converts it to health which makes him very weak against any kind of physical attack. Rufus should not be used on any offense and he can be easily avoided on defense. What makes Aurora great is that Aurora’s Rainbow Halo passive absorbs up to 80% magic damage and then once shield explodes, it deals damage to the enemy team. In addition, she is a great tank.

Lars and Krista

Lars and Krista or also known as Twins counters Keira most of the time. Once Keira is left without her supports, she’s very weak and could be easily taken out.


Thea is great counter against heavy mage team compositions. Her Vow of Silence ability silences enemies for 3 seconds which can delay enemy abilities by a lot and make a huge impact for the battle.


Cleaver’s Rusty hook ability enables him to counter back line heroes as he can hook and then pull a target to himself. This ability affects Martha, because he can pull her up and his hook knocks over her healing pot.


Keira is a multiple target hitter, she can counter Martha by knocking over her pot (similarly as Cleaver). Keira’s Blade Whirlwind does damage for all the enemies it crosses and also a applies silence for 4 seconds. That is also somewhat similar to Thea, as silence ability can have a huge impact for the remaining battle.


Jorgen can slow enemies down significantly by his Tainted Wounds skill. With every attack Jorgen steals some of the affected enemy’s energy. That prevents them from using abilities in the early battle.


Helios is very likely to be one of the best counter heroes against critical chance team compositions. Flaming Retribution in combination with Solar Wind will strike the damaging attacker with a beam of fire every time Helios’ allies suffer a critical hit. That’s a great counter against Jhu, Ishmael and heroes supported by Jet and Sebastian.


Morrigan’s Necromancy skill is the best counter against Astaroth’s Last Word as it becomes completely useless. Whenever an enemy dies Morrigan’s Necromancy will summon a skeleton, even if ressurect attempt is used.

Hopefully this post will help you to climb higher in your arena battles. If you know any other great heroes which have amazing counter abilities – please share it in the comments and help other warriors in the battle!

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  1. Nebula can kill yasmine with a touch. When yasmine is sneaking to your group, if she touches nebula, she dies on the spot.

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