Brawl factions

Welcome to the Faction Brawls! With time, the participating Factions will change. All Heroes of these Factions are available and their power is maxed and ready to battle!

Brawl factions event will take place from 17th to 22nd of January.

It is somewhat similar to the arena: once you attack and win you’ll receive 400 Brawl Coins (rewards stacks 15 times). By losing you will lose one life, keep in mind that you’ll have five lives per day. In case it goes wrong, you can buy more lives up to 5 times for 100 Emeralds (30 lives in total).
For a successful defense, you will receive 25 Emeralds (stacks up to 5 times per day).

If you manage to get 15 victories, you will receive additional Brawl Coins.

In order to participate in this event, you need to have team level 20.

Three type of faction fights

January 17th – January 18th: Chaos versus Honor

January 19th – January 20th: Mystery versus Progress

January 21st – January 22nd: Nature versus Eternity

Last year’s Brawl’s article can be found here: Brawl is back!

700 Brawl coins can be exchanged to a Faction chest or to other items in the Shop.


Faction chest rewards

Clan gift bundles
20/01/2022 – 22/01/2022

There will also be more amazing bundles during this event!

What do you guys think about the upcoming Brawl factions event? Please let us know in the comments.

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