Role: Healer / Control
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Heroic Chests, special events

Just like day flows into night, Celeste changes her form. Gleaming sunlight grants life while the shadow of night opens up her darker traits. Nobody knows if she can keep that delicate balance under her control for much longer.


Two Fates – spends half her energy and switches to Light Form, then switches to Dark Form when the skill is used again.
Light Form allows Celeste to heal the ally who has the least Health with a Purifying Sphere for 5 seconds.
Dark Form allows her to create a Cursed Flame at the center of the enemy team, preventing affected enemies from being healed.

White Night — directs a Purifying Sphere at ally with the least health in Light Form.
Directs a Cursed Flame at nearest enemy in Dark Form.

Limbo — allows Purifying Sphere to block negative effects from target ally before it disappears. Also allows Cursed Flame to convert blocked healing to Magic Damage.

Zenith — allows Celeste’s basic attacks to heal allies while in Light Form and attack enemies while in Dark Form.

Additional information: Celeste is one of the three rarest Heroes whom you can acquire Soul Stones from Heroic Chests or during Special Events. Her skillset does require a lot of digesting, considering she has both a Light Form and a Dark Form, ability to heal and attack with great efficacy is always a good thing to have on your team. Celeste is very often found in the top teams. If you don’t have Matha, Celeste is a big priority to level up.