Role: Tank / Control
Main stat: Strength
How to get? Arena Shop

Chabba loves every kind of food in the world, but especially Haan-style cutlets! Chabba has thick, impenetrable skin, which means nobody can stop him on his quest for tasty treats!


Wild Hunger – swallows target for 4 seconds. While the target is swallowed, it slowly receives damage.

Burp — hits a random target, damaging and slowing it for 4 seconds.

Fat Layer — increases Armor stats in proportion to the Health lost.

Bottomless Health — Chabba restores health by digesting the swallowed enemy.

Additional information: Chabba is one of the harder Heroes to summon — it’ll take 80 Soul Stones in order to summon him. He is a quite entertaining to use, because of his eating-related skillset. Chabba is not very often found in the top teams.