Role: Tank / Control
Main stat: Strength
How to get? Heroic Chests

Can you smell decomposition? Can you hear the dying screams of those who suffer? Then meet Cleaver, butcher extraordinaire and master of carcass dressing! Or better, run for your life before you meet him!


Rusty Hook – throws a hook at distant enemies, which both deals out damage and pulls the enemy closer to Cleaver.

Putrefaction — deals pure damage to nearest enemies and himself for 5 seconds.

Mutilation — hits the area in front of him with his cleaver. Dealing damage and stunning opponents.

Heavyweight — passive skill. Cleaver receives additional Strength.

Additional info:rmation You will need 630 Soul Stones from the Heroic Chest if you want to summon Cleaver. He is very diffictult to obtain. If you are tired of Galahad and Astaroth, you will have to be very patient while trying to collect enough Soul Stones for this disgustingly effective Hero! If you are lucky to get all the Soul Stones – you would like to use this Hero for sure. Cleaver could be found in the top teams.