Role: Mage, Support
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Heroic Chests, Highwayman Store

After the dark mages raided the university, scholar Cornelius Witt was believed to be dead. In fact, he was held captive by the enemy for about two years. The mages’ spell tortures not only failed to break him down, but also helped him discover a new ability, the suppression of magic. He used it to escape and joined the Guards’ ranks.


Heavy Wisdom – hit the enemy with the highest Intelligence with a monolith, dealing damage perportionally to their Intelligence.

Rune of Suppresion – an ancient spell which hits the enemy with the highest Magic Attack and reduces their Maggic Attack for the next 12 seconds.

Protective Dome – casts a barrier on the team and increases Magic Defense for 6 seconds.

Memory Loss – Cornelius curses a random enemy at the beginning of the battle, reducing the level of their first skill. If Cornelius dies, the curse wil disappear.

Additional information: Cornelius primary skill is very useful against Heroes such as Martha, Celeste, and others with similar healing powers, as it targets the enemy with the highest Intelligence and deals out a ton of damage. Together with Faceless replicating that skill, they can often take out enemy Healers in a matter of seconds. Cornelius is a very good situational character in multiple modes, including both the regular and Grand Arena. He’s rarely found in the top teams but is a very situational Hero and could be put into a good use when he’s needed the most.