Role: Tank
Main stat: Strength
Special: Undead
How to get? Could be found only during special events.

Not even death could stop Corvus once and for all. Resurrected by his daughter, he swore to protect the Kingdom of Graven and its new Dominion allies from enemies once more. Woe be to those who cross the path of the King of the Undead!


Strike of the Damned – Corvus attacks the enemy frontline, dealing damage and decreasing all defenses for 5 seconds. Defense decrease effectiveness and damage dealt are increased by 10% for each Undead ally on the team.

Unity of the Damned – Corvus increases his Undead allies’ physical and magic attack for 10 seconds.

Altar of Souls – Corvus conjures an altar behind his team. The altar damages enemies whenever they deal damage to allied heroes. The altar’s health decreases when allies take damage.

Royal Defense – when an ally’s health drops below 20%, Corvus moves them to the center of the team. Can be triggered once every 8 seconds.

Additional information: Corvus seems to be a very interesting hero and could make great synergies with the other Undead heroes.It is quite hard to say if he’s worth investing or not. Sure thing is that he is definitely worth experimenting around.