Role: Marksman
Main stat: Agility
How to get? Chapter 6 – Ritual Circle, Chapter 8 – Fire-Worshipper’s Capital, Chapter 9 – Pirate Den, Heroic Chests

What is life? Life is an endless war. How to become happy in life? Start enjoying this war, obviously. Daredevil doesn’t care about her lost arm as the new one, made of steel, is much, much cooler. She plays it really close to the edge each and every day and she knows the real taste of life!


Rapid Fire – shoots the nearest target 5 times, increasing damage by 25% with each subsequent shot.

Big Badda Boom! – throws a bomb at the center of the enemy team, damaging all enemies in the blast radius. The bomb always deals crit damage.

Fire support – performs an extra basic attack after an ally behind Daredevil attacks.

Thirst for Blood – Each critical hit Daredevil deals increases her Physical attack until the end of the battle.

Additional info: You are most likely very familiar with this Hero even if you are still in the early stages and have notunlocked too many Heroes. She is frequently a part of enemy units in the first few chapters. After the recent rework, Daredevil is a very strong Marksman. She is worth investing and could be more and more often found in the top teams.