Dark Star

Role: Marksman, Control
Main stat: Agility
Where to get? Arena Shop

A dark elf who survived betrayal and the death of her loved ones. She has remained the same, though her heart is deeply scarred. She is Dark Star, a dark elf with a bright soul.


Vengeful Souls – Dark Star releases a wave that damages enemies and disables their buffing skills.

Control – Dark Star pushes back the nearest enemy and forces the target to fight on her side for 5 seconds.

Partner – Dark Star creates a shadow copy of herself after each shot. The shadow copy fires at the enemy with the lowest health. The damage dealth depends on Physical attack.

Black Arrows – Dark Star shoots the two nearest enemies, damaging and marking them. The mark increases damage taken from Elves by 30%.

Additional information: 500 Arena Coins are needed for five Dark Star Soul Stones, and 30 Soul Stones needed to summon Dark Star. Her crowd control skills, mainly the ones that become available when you rank her up are quite interesting and might be very useful at various situations depending on your opponents strengths. She is rarely found in any top teams.