Role: Support
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Heroic Chest

As a young man, Dorian stole a red stone amulet to gift it to his beloved. But he didn’t give it to her and became the amulet’s slave. Dorian did what it wanted and committed terrible acts. How difficult was it for him to overcome this burden! The reward for freedom was a special gift — the blood magic. Since that, the forever-young mage has become the amulet’s master. But who knows for how long?


Fountain of Blood – creates a blood mark on the nearest rival for 7 seconds, allowing allies to recover health when the marked enemy is damaged.

Ancestor’s Amulet – Dorian sacrifices 20 percent of his health to heal an ally with the lowest health.

Wings of Night – launches a flock of bats that attack enemies twice, with the damage inflected refilling Dorian’s health when they return to him.

Initiation – increases Vampirism of nearby allies.

Additional information: Dorian is one of the rarer Heroic Chest exclusive characters.He’s described as a Mage, his skillset has support written all over it. Dorian is a good replacement for Thea as a rather unorthodox type of healer. You need to make sure to level him up and promote him accordingly if you’re lucky enough to get him on your team! He’s rarely found in any top teams, but he’s worth investing and could be an assesst in various team compositions.