Dungeon Update and Titan Skins

As most of you might know, by the end of August there will be some big changes to the Dungeon and Titans. Old boring Dungeon system is now reworked and Titans will receive Titan Skins!

Each Titan will receive its own Default Skin, while three tanks: Moloch, Sigurd and Angus will receive additional Primordial Skin. Moloch will receive additional Health stats, Sigurd – Elemental Armor against Fire, and Angus – Elemental Attack against Water.

By using Titan Skin Stones you will be able to increase skin stats. There will be no option to upgrade Titan Skins by using emeralds.

Upgrade costs of Titan Skins:

Titan Skin Stones can be obtained in the Dungeon Shop by exchanging Dungeon Coins. You can get Dungeon Coins by completing two daily tasks, in total you can get 1500 Coins per day.

Dungeon will become easier – all rooms with heroes will be removed and only Titan rooms will remain. The save point will now take place in every 5 rounds instead of 10.

Great news for everyone who thought that the old dungeon system was time consuming. Starting from VIP 3, you will be able to automatically clear the Dungeon battles, not only the ones cleared yesterday, but all of them. This will make the process of Dungeon leveling way quicker and easier.

New Dungeon shop will appear in the shop! You’ll be able to buy Corvus and Alvanor Soul Stones, as well as Titan Skin Stones, Fairy dust and Titan potions.

In addition, dungeon clearance rewards will also improve. You will get more gold for each floor completion and passing save points.

That’s it for now. What do you guys think about Dungeon changes and Titan Skins? Please let us know in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Dungeon Update and Titan Skins

  1. Sounds great but it is now the 25th of August the day it was supposed to start on??…. another typical failed experiment

    1. Same here. I was doing 90 titanites each day before the update. Now I can barely reach 75 once every four days…

  2. The new Dungeon is not easier at all..
    It’s less time consuming as I die quickly and I can barely finish one Level.. mix Titan Team is stronger than 1/3 of my whole Titan Power.. that doesn’t make sense at all..
    the Dungeon was never really fun but now it sucks^^

    1. I 100% agree. I can’t level my titans up anywhere near enough to regularly clear a floor for 75 titanite. The economy needs to be WAY less stingy for rewarding titan potions to even stand a chance of making progress on the skins, or allow there to be an exchange (again, NOT stingy) to trade any of the other currencies for titan potions or skin stones

  3. To get a single Titan all skin stones for normal and Primordial, I would need 2.5 million. Max amount of stones I can get in a day is 2000. I would need 1250 days or 3.5 years to finish. Any faster way?

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