Role: Warrior, Marksman
Main stat: Agility
How to get? Outland Shop

Only true heroes are worthy of wielding legendary weapons. The Blades of Many Truths have a mind of their own, and take only those who are worthy as their partners. Elmir is following the right path and knows that even among many truths, there is one that reigns supreme!


Shifting Sands – moves to the far line, uses his second skill if applicable, and fires off ranged attacks for 10 seconds, with a physical attack bonus while active.

Mirage – Elmir creates a sand clone of himself with 70 percent of his health, but it cannot receive help from allies or regenerate health.

Perfect Blades – sand clones gets the ability to attack enemies. Clones that were created with the first skill continue attacking enemies from afar.

Many Truths – when using his second skill, Elmir gets a chance to make two or four clones at once.

Additional information: A very rare combination of Warrior and Marksman. Elmir only becomes really helpful once he is promoted to at least Blue skillset, as that is where the sand clones can actually attack. Elmir is a very interesting Hero to use but is rarely found in any top teams. Usually found in second or third priority teams in the Grand arena.