Engineering Power

As recently posted, new hero Isaac and Ginger rework are coming. In addition to that – Engineering Power event is about to begin! Event will start on 12th and will last until 18th of July.

Engineering Power event is going to be somewhat similar to what we’ve seen in December’s event “Winterfest 2020”. A week length event where you will be able to gather coins and spend them for various items and heroes.

During the event you will be able to buy a new hero Isaac and various items from Isaac’s shop:

Isaac’s shop

Engineering Power

  1. Daily login
  2. Expeditions
  3. Spending Emeralds
  4. Spending energy
  5. Titanite – Repeatable
  6. Town chests – Repeatable
  7. Promote Isaac
    From Green to Orange+4
  8. Promote Ginger
    From Green to Orange+4
Engineering Power

Daily quests from the event map

Daily quests

Mechanical chest rewards

Mechanical chest rewards and probabilities

Trick box rewards

Trick box rewards and probabilities

Clan gifts

Clan gift will contain a Trick Box and an Electric Sphere.

You will be able to obtain a new frame for participating in the Engineering Power event.

A lot of new and exciting things are coming to the game. Hope you guys will enjoy this one!

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  1. Can’t start the game this morning. Just get sn error message saying no internet conection.
    I think that’s it for me.

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