Role: Mage, Control
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Highwayman Shop, Heroic Chests

Faceless, the best apprentice at the School of Mystics, was never especially favored by his mentors. A silent type who had a unique talent, he scared people around him. Nobody knows what’s hiding behind his dark mask…


Doppelganger – turns into the enemy or ally, who was last one to used the first skill and uses that skill.

Power Throw – raises the nearest enemy above ground, then drops them at the enemy team’s center, dealing out damage and stunning enemies within the area of effect.

Chain Lightning – launches a ricocheting magic missile that deals damage and reduces physical attack for 4 seconds for three enemies.

Spell Expert – passive skill. Increases the team’s magic defense.

Additional information: Faceless first special skill essentially allows him to impersonate other characters and use their skills while taking their appearance. He’s a very interesting hero and could be a good assess in various teams. Faceless can be found in top teams.