Role: Marksman
Main stat: Agility
How to get? Chapter 3 – Sanctuary of the Ancestors, Chapter 6 – Wretched Goosefoot, Chapter 9 – Coral Reef.

Nobody has ever seen an expression of anger or doubt on this cute face. On the contrary, Fox is like a bright light in the darkness, filling her allies’ hearts with joy and courage. Once she grabs the gun, the enemy has no chance!


Heavy Caliber – fires a huge projectile at the nearest target, dealing physical damage and throwing the target back.

Smoke screen – fires a smoke grenade into the enemy’s front row, blinding nearby heroes for 6 seconds. The Heavy Caliber skill now also blinds the enemy’s front row.

Cannonade – shoots the nearest target 6 times.

Conclussion – passive skill. Heavy Caliber stuns the target for 5 seconds.

Additional information: Once you have moved on from the likes of Ginger or Keira, you can summon Fox if you’ve got the Soul Stones. After the most recent updates Fox became a very strong marksman and is worth investing. However, she is still rarely found in top teams but she is make a good progress getting there.