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If you don’t play to invest a lot of money to this game, this guide should provide with be best tips to help you make the most of your daily routine. Hope you find these tips ueful.

There is a quest which aks to open 7 chests in Outlands that seems impossible to complete because there are only 5 battles available each day.

You should open only 3 chest every other day and leave the rest for the next day. This way you’ll be able to open 7 chests, complete the quest and earn additional 100 Outland Coins.

Guild Activity

Updating heroe’s glyphs at least once a day will guarantee you 700 guild activity points each day.

Once you reach 850 guild activity points you’ll receive 20 glyphs as a reward (10×10).If you reach 1500 guild activity points you’ll receive 300 glyphs as a reward (15×20). Even if you have plenty of glyphs at the moment, please think twice before spending all of them at once. If you can’t reach 1500 guild activity points by spending energy you can also get them by selling items that you don’t need (not recommended). Start from the top of the list where are the items with the lowest quality. Joining an active guild that reaches the maximum guild activity points each day will usually guarantee you the chance to upgrade at least one glyph per day.


Tickets from the theather can be used to buy emeralds and could be exchanged to the energy. If you level up your top 5 heroes team first and do well in the Arena, spending 2 x 50 emeralds (240 energy in total) should keep balance of your emeralds positive, to help to contribute on your daily guild activity points. This would help to receive better guild activity rewards.

Grand Arena

You should put 3 strong heroes in each of the slots in the Grand Arena and build teams around them. Main goal is to try to distract the enemy. A common distraction strategy is to level up heroes even if their skills or artifacts are not upgraded. Consider not only the level of the enemy’s heroes but also their total power and their rank reached. It is important to remember that the enemy teams will also have to be assemabled so it is not a question of the best one or the best two teams here.


The strategy in Arena is similar to the Grand Arena fights except that all fights can be conducted just before 8:00 p.m. local time, so a higher ranking is achieved and a higher rewards is received. There’s also a reward for reaching a level you have never reached before (one time gem rewards per new highest arena ranking). Use all of your battle fights left after 8 p.m. and try to get this prize or just test your team and get some valuable feedback.

Town Shop

If you have enough gold you’ll be able to buy EXP potion everyday to keep your top 5 team always leveled up with your team level.

It is quite important to buy the available items here even if at the moment you don’t need them to upgrade your heroes. These items can be exchanged for guild activity points which will definitely guarantee you receiving glyphs.

Guild Wars

You should try putting aside some of your daily emerald earnings for leveling up your titans. Strong titans teams are highly likely to be considered as champions in the Guild Wars which will bring you more Guild Wars Shop’s resources. The cross-server tournaments will give you cross-server trophies which can be used to buy rare items and soul stones. For example, such an item is the Evolution Booster which costs 500 cross-server tournament trophies. By using this item, you will allow to evolve heroes without spending millions of gold, which is amazing!

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