Role: Tank
Main stat: Strength
How to get? Chapter 2 – Outskirts of Wilheim, Chapter 5 – Obelisk, Chapter 7 – Burial Mound, Heroic Chests

Knowing no fear or doubt, sturdy as Kharunian steel, Galahad moves only forward. His confidence in himself and his allies has kept the great warrior strong for many years.


Iron Skies – Galahad flies into the air and launches a lightning storm on enemies.

Unstoppable Charge – removes control effects, damages enemy, and prevents them from attacking for 2 seconds.

Retaliation – strikes the enemy with the lowest health with a special move.

Harun’s Pride – The Iron Skies skill now deals an extra pure damage.

Additional information: Galahad is your default, or stock hero in Hero Wars, meaning the very first hero you start out with. He is an ideal Tank you want in the early stages of the game. Galahad can last long in battles even if he serves as a front-liner, he also deals out a ton of damage with his regular and special attacks. Galahad is for sure worth investing and can be found in top teams. After the vampirism and armor updates – he’s now a very strong Hero.