Role: Marksman
Main stat: Agility
How to get? Chapter 1 – Merchant Camp, Chapter 4 – Burnt Canyon, Chapter 10 – Sirens, Heroic Chests

Duke’s daughter Ginger Hayes isn’t fond of noble evenings and quiet gossips. She is very into science and modern technology, using its powers to protect the innocent from offsprings of darkness. The best helper here is her own creation — the chain-gun “Noble.”


Lead Storm – fires 7 buckshot rounds from her chain-gun.

Penetrating Shot – launches a missile that hits an enemy in the front line and the enemy right behind them.

Suppressive Fire – shoots in the air, damaging the whole enemy team with buckshot.

Ranging Shot – each consecutive show with the basic attack deals extra physical damage. If the current target of Ginger dies, the extra damage is reset.

Additional information: That chain-gun / pistol of hers can deal a lot of ranged damage, and since she’s fighting from the back line, you do not need to worry about her getting knocked out of action and losing one star while trying to complete a stage. Ginger is a very strong marksman and is definitely worth investing. However, due to the other DPS dealers she falls off in the very high levels. She can be found in the top teams.