Role: Mage
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Chapter 4 – Shepherds’ Lands, Chapter 6 – Forlorn Churchyard, Chapter 10 – Flying Dutchman, Heroic Chests

Enchanted by Heidi’s looks? You’re dead. You’ve kept your head on a swivel, slept with both eyes open? No use! An experienced ranger tracks their prey with ease, and the meeting won’t be pretty!


Deathflower – summons a huge mushroom that spreads toxic spores when it’s launched to the center of the enemy party, poisoning everyone in the area of effect.

Toxic Spit – shoots the nearest enemy with a dart, poisoning and blinding them.

Snake Charmer – throws a snake at the rival with the lowest health which bites the rival dealing pure damage.

Spy Camo – if Heidi isn’t damaged for a few seconds, he receives camouflage that gradually increases his chance of dodging an enemy’s attack. Can’t dodge control effects. Becomes fully visible after being damaged.

Additional information: There’s a good chance you will be able to summon Heidi once you’re in the second chapter. Heidi is a very interesting Hero but is very rarely found in the top teams and at the moment is considered as a weak Hero.