Role: Mage / Support
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Chapter 10 – Kraken’s Cave, Chapter 11 – Gunar the Ferocious’ Castle, Chapter 12 – Jarl’s Estate, Chapter 13 – Escape from Winter, Heroic Chests

Helios is a star-child. An orphan who tried to catch a fallen star and found his destiny. The cosmic wonder’s powerful energy changed this boy forever. Now the stars serve the herald of the Sun, and the celestial rays are his loyal pets.


Star Birth – deals area damage at enemies through three solar spheres that explode at the enemy’s front line.

Solar Wind – deals progressive damage over 10 seconds to enemies through an invulnerable flaming sphere.

Celestial Guardians – protects allies with two spheres that absorb physical damage.

Flaming Retribution – while Solar Wind is active, every time Helios’ allies suffer a critical hit, the flaming sphere will strike the damaging attacker with a beam of fire.

Additional information: Helios is a quite rare Hero to find from the Heroic Chest. You will need to collect the 30 Soul Stones summon him. A very unique skill Flaming Retribution could be a huge asset against heavy physical damage teams. Helios is an optional Hero, at some situations he might not be useful at all but at another situation he will help your team to win. He’s worth investing and could be used as a great counter in higher teams.