Hero’s Way May 2022

Hero’s Way Battle pass is here for another 25 days. As usual, Battle pass will provide special rewards for various quests. Let’s take a look at what quests and rewards we’ll see in May.

Battle pass quests

Battle passes

There will be three different kind of passes you will be able to choose from: Standard (400 VIP), Premium (1600 VIP, 7500 battle pass experience) and Premium+ (4000 VIP, 30,000 experience).


Experience will be needed to obtain the levels of the Battle pass, for each level received there will be a reward. Additional rewards will be given for the Premium and Premium+ pass holders.

In total there are 65 levels, each next level of Battle pass will require 1500 of experience. Each level over 65 will reward Hero’s Way coins.

In addition to the existing awards, owners of Golden Pass Premium will get a unique avatar.

Owners of Golden Pass Premium+ will get a unique avatar and frame, and also, their energy restore will be doubled until the end of the season.

Grand Champion’s Coffer rewards

Important note: Epic Champion’s Coffer rewards has been updated

Legendary Champion’s Coffer rewards

Rewards level table

Click on the each image to see them in a full-size

Important note: Not every level gives a free reward!

Hero’s Way – April 2022 quests and rewards

8 thoughts on “Hero’s Way May 2022

  1. What do you get for the $39,99 or $99.99. Do we know what prizes one gets and whether it is worth the extra money

  2. Of course it is not worth extra money. C’mon, a full PS5 or XBOX game costs $60 and you have advanced graphics and you can find great story-lines. Wasting so much money on this FB/mobile game makes no sense. Enjoy it for free, really don’t waste your money here!
    To answer your question: you get an extra frame (for your avatar) and higher energy refill.

    Let me explain one more thing: mobile games developer on purpose put super high cost for some packages … that want most of the people to spend a few dollars (and developers make on huge number of buyers), but they don’t want that some people with extra money would be extremely overpowered. They still offer this option but for super premium, super high price. Like I said, not worth it.

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