Hero’s Way November 2021

Hero’s Way is once again just around the corner, this time with November quests and rewards. The same as the previous month, battle pass will last for 25 days and will provide special rewards for various quests. Let’s take a look at what quests and rewards we’ll see in November.

Battle Pass quests

Battle passes

There will be three different kind of passes you will be able to choose from: Standard (400 VIP), Premium (1600 VIP, 7500 battle pass experience) and Premium+ (4000 VIP, 30,000 experience).


Experience will be needed to obtain the levels of the Battle Pass, for each level received there will be a reward. Additional rewards will be given for the Premium and Premium+ pass holders.

In total there are 65 levels, each next level of Battle Pass will require 1500 of experience. Each level over 65 will reward Golden pass holders with an Epic Champion’s Coffer. Without a pass – you will get a Coffer by completing every two levels.

Grand Champion’s Coffer rewards

Epic Champion’s Coffer rewards

Legendary Champion’s Coffer rewards

Rewards level table

Click on the each image to see them in a full-size

Important note: Not every level gives a free reward!

Hero’s Way – October 2021 quests and rewards

What do you guys think about the November’s Battle Pass? Please let us know in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Hero’s Way November 2021

  1. Previous prizes (once hero’s way) were much better but they seem to have been used only as a test… .they saw people are buying and of course they diminished valuable prizes… .I know Devs need something to make a living but this game has become a pure robbery… .I give up…

  2. What happened to the golden horns this month??? For all the money people invest in this game you need to stop being so cheap on the prizes cuz the newcomers will not invest in a game that is being cheap on gifts…

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