Hydra & Mojo changes

During the development of Hydra, a problem was discovered at Jhu’s and Qing Mao’s combat performance. Under normal conditions, their skills deal damage based on a percentage of their opponent’s health. Because of this, it turned out that they could kill Hydra’s head in a single fight, which broke the balance of the whole game mode.

Mojo’s fourth skill Hex worked as if Jhu and Qing Mao had no limits set on their abilities. Because of this, Mojo was dealing a huge amount of damage.

Following changes will take place in W17 of 2021:

  • Each Legendary Hydra’s head health will be reduced by 60 million points
  • Jhu and Qing Mao will become stronger and more effective in combat against all Hydras
  • Mojo’s Hex will be adjusted against Hydra while still keeping his combo with Jhu and Qing Mao relevant

The amount of health of each Legendary Hydra head will be reduced by 60 million units.

In order to make battles against Hydra easier, Jhu and Qing Mao will be increased. Their attacks will hit much harder than before.

Mojo’s damage against Hydra will be reduced. It will be compensated by reduced Legendary Hydra’s health and increased damage dealt by Qing Mao and Jhu. Mojo will remain a good hero against Hydra and still be effective in combination with Qing Mao and Jhu.

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