Role: Support
Main stat: Agility
How to get? Heroic Chests or during special event.
Special: Engineer

Hey, mages! Behold my new invention! Walk up to see it for yourself! I’m not a big fan of walking, you see. I prefer working out my brain, and not my legs! My beloved little self-propelled vehicle Tes’Lin, will get me anywhere and everywhere, spawning drones and spelling trouble for mages! I’m a damned genius!


Tes’Lin’s Overdrive – Tes’Lin launches an electrical charge forward, dealing physical damage to all enemies affected.

Observer drones – Isaac launches drones that increase Physical attack for him and allies behind for 8.0 seconds. Observer drones also increase Armor Penetration for Engineers.

Shield drones – Isaac launches drones that cast a shield over him and allies ahead. The shield absorbs both physical and magical damage until its destruction. Shield drones also heal Engineers under their protection.

High-Voltage Module – Tes’Lin’s overdrive knocks back all enemies, crushing their armor. Enemies knocked back have their armor reduced for 5.0 seconds. The closest enemy to Isaac gets knocked back twice.

Additional information: It is a quite difficult task to maximize Isaac’s stars as you cannot find his soul stones in the campaign. Isaac has really good defensive abilities as Shield drones absorb a portion of physical and magical damage. Isaac teamed up with other engineers and reworked Ginger can create very interesting team compositions.