Role: Warrior
Main stat: Agility
How to get? Grand Arena Shop

How does it feel to kill a parent who wanted to sacrifice their own child to evil gods? Ishmael experienced this first-hand. Defeating his father wasn’t easy; the sorcerer’s dark soul remained with his son. Since then, Ishmael has been leading a double life, fighting the inner demon.


Awakening – Ishmael assumes a demonic form that increases critical hit chance by 1,200 percent and attack speed by 150 percent, albeit at the cost of his energy.

Mirage – dodges physical attacks for 3 seconds.

Dark Craft – passive skill that increases vampirism.

Storm Blade – allows each fourth hit to stun an enemy for a second.

Additional information: You will need to play Hero Wars for quite a while before you can purchase Ishmael. He’s available to purchase at the Grand Arena Shop which unlocks at team level 50. Ishmael is a quite interesting and powerful hero. He is a good hero and could be a good asset for your team in the mid-levels (50-80). The higher you get, the more he falls off as there are stronger champions which could replace him. He’s worth some investment but is rarely found in any top teams.