Role: Support / Healer
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Soul Shop

You should not underestimate Jet, the insect exterminator from Tornville! Fascinated by his craft and science, he would spend all his time in the laboratory. A simple goblin who found a way not only to poison other creatures, but also to heal them and evolve their skills, he quickly caught the attention of the Guardians.


Elixir of Vigor – channels the life giving elixir to the ally with the greatest Physical attack stats.Meaning that the ally gets a Physical attack and Speed boost and regenerates health until Jet runs out of energy or gets interrupted.

Acid Shot – fires acid at the enemy with the highest Armor stats, reducing it for 8 seconds.

Poison of Fatigue – Jet throws a flask at enemies, poisoning and preventing them from regenerating Health for 8 seconds.

Inordinate Fury — while Jet is alive, all his allies have an increased critical hit chance.

Additional information: Jet is a Healer that could truly benefit your team. In order to buy his Soul Stones, you’ll need to unlock the Soul Shop, which would require you to evolve at least one of your existing Heroes to Absolute Star. As soon as you manage to get him, he is for sure worth investing. He is one of the strongest Heroes in the game. Jet is could be found in high top teams and is less commonly found in the other teams due its rarity.