Role: Marksman
Main stat: Strength
How to get? Guild War Shop

The glorious warrior of the tribe has no right to pity! He who is found guilty of it will be stripped of all decorations, and will be banished! So says the third law of the Zarakkar. Jhu broke the rules, but found the meaning of life.


You Will Not Stop Me – Attack speed increase and immortality for 7 seconds as Jhu temporarily becomes enraged.

I Will Take Your Life – each succeeding attack deals out additional pure damage, while sacrificing 2 percent of Jhu’s current Health.

I See You – for a period of time Jhu increases his attack power and focuses his attacks on a ranged enemy.

The Spirits Will Heal Me – if Jhu is not under control effects after the first skill is used, he regenerates some health.

Additional information: Special guild member, Jhu has probably some of the best named skills in Hero Wars. Jhu is a very strong marksman, but he is very hard to obtain as he could be only found in Guild War shop. If you are lucky enough to find him – he could become a very strong damage dealer. Jhu is rarely found in high teams due to the complexity to maximize his star. If you got him at least 4 stars – he could be played on your main team.