Role: Control / Support
Main stat: Strength
How to get? Outland Shop

You are ready to learn arcane knowledge, disciple. But first, prove your loyalty to Darkness. “Take your brother’s life, and his immortal soul!” the wizard yelled. But he, not anyone else, could have predicted how this tragedy would end…


Torment of Powerlessness – deals magic damage by summoning a skull to the enemy’s front line, preventing affected enemies from gaining energy for 9 seconds.

Cycle of Energies – protects and provides energy to an ally with a magic shield.

Leper – Jorgen curses everyone on the enemy team, making the furthest enemy the target of the curse. Physical damage taken by heroes on the enemy team will be redirected to the target of the curse for 10 seconds.

Tainted Wound – with every attack Jorgen steals some of the affected enemy’s energy.

Additional information: Jorgen’s main asset is his Strength, despite the fact that he serves as both a Control and Support character. Jorgen is a great hero, no explanation needed. He’s a great asset to any team composition and is for sure worth investing. He’s very commonly found in top teams due to his great abilities and defensive skills.