Role: Mage, Support
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Arena Shop

If you’re reading this, Judge has won. No, mere earthly matters don’t concern him. The best son of the people, the bravest of the Old Ones, eh is the guardian of the Universe.


Ion Cyclone – creates a lightning storm that deals magic damage to every enemy 4 times.

Force Field – casts a shield that absorbs all damage on the ally with the lowest health.

Hologram- removes all negative effects from Judge and blocks the next attack, converting the damage that was supposed to be inflicted into additional Health.

Interference Generator – passive skill. Lowers the enemy team’s magical defense.

Additional information: Like Astaroth, Judge is a combination Hero in the sense that he serves in a Support role on top of his primary role in a team. Most of time Astaroth is way better choice than Judge due to his skills. Judge can be used as situational Hero as he can lower enemy team’s magical defense and provide great defensive abilities. He’s rarely found in any top teams.