Role: Mage
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Tower Shop

There’s nothing in the world but magic and Kai is a true magical genius. Rejected by his own race, the mage left his home. Everybody who thinks Kai prides himself too much is just jealous!


Fetters of the Wind – launches a whirlwind that throws every target into the air and deals damage.

Breath of the Abyss – deals damage to nearby enemies, summoning a flame pillar.

Explosive Sphere – throws a fire plume that deals damage to enemies over 3 seconds, then additional wave of damage follows after it explodes.

Stolen life – passive skill. Increases vampirism.

Additional information: Kai is only available at the Tower Shop. He has some interesting and potentially useful skills in various team combinations. Kai is especially good with K’arkh. Hero is worth investing and could be very useful until late levels and is commonly found in top teams.