Role: Warrior
Main stat: Agility
How to get? Guild War Shop

Bolts of lightning shatter the skies of Dagan-Nuhr. Tendrils of darkness lash and strike in a mad dance, flowing in the magnetic storms. The Outland gate is open, and you must pass second through them, following after Brog. K’arkh, one of the four Negators of All Creation, look behind! You see these skies for the last time!


Nexus of Horror – K’arkh throws into the air three enemies with the lowest health. When the affected enemies fall back down, they get stunned for 2 seconds.

Negator of Laws – K’arkh opens an interdimensional rift that can block enemy physical attacks for 8 seconds. The hero gets extra energy for each attack blocked.

Deadly Tendrils – while K’arkh is alive, he strikes every enemy who was thrown into the air with a chance of double damage.

Survival Factor – attacks against enemies thrown into the air heal the hero for a fraction of the damage dealt.

Additional information: K’arkh is a Guild War Shop exclusive Hero. You willll need to wait until you reach level 30 before you can purchase his Soul Stones. He is completely worth waiting and investment. K’arkh is a very good front-line Hero once he is placed right after a good tank such as Astaroth. He is commonly found in top teams due to his great abilities and strong team combinations.