Role: Marksman
Main stat: Agility
How to get? Chapter 3 – Living Mountains), Chapter 4 – Necropolis), Chapter 7 – Toll Gate, Heroic Chests

Captain Keira once was one of the best royal guards who has fallen in battle against Mort Chronos. The demon of war has resurrected young guard and turned her into a ghost foredoomed to suffer and wander about till the end of times.


Blade Whirlwind – launches a whirlwind of blades that reach the enemy that’s furthest back, then bounces back to deal damage against enemies in the front lines, while silencing them for 4 seconds on the way back.

Enlarged Soul – Keira’s speed increases by 5 seconds.

Dancing Blades – passive skill. Keira’s basic attack can ricochet between enemies dealing additional damage.

Piercing Pain – passive skill. If the enemy’s armor is lower than Keira’s armor penetration, her basic attack deals extra damage.

Additional information: Keira is one of the best if not the best Marksman Heroes. She makes good team combinations with various critical strike providers. Her abilities melt tanks and deals tons of damage to the enemy back line Heroes as well. Keira is a very strong Hero, she is very often found in top teams and for sure is worth investing.