Role: Mage
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Chapter 11 – Doomsdale, Chapter 12 – Runic Milestone, Chapter 13 – Valley of Geysers, Heroic Chests

Krista has never known her parents. But her loneliness helped the orphan to better understand her mysterious talent for ice magic. Her life was transformed when she saved a young mage from certain death. The sorceress recognized him as her brother, Lars, who had been separated from her since birth. Krista became his loyal partner.


Ice Vengeance – hits enemies one by one with 5 ice crystals, dealing area damage.

Chains of Frost – hits enemies in the middle of the team, applying a Mark of Water and reducing their magic defense.

Frozen Needles – fills the ground underneath enemies with ice thorns, dealing damage and adding a Mark of Water to enemies standing on them when the ice melts.

Crystallization – when in danger of taking major damage, Krista summons an ice block that protects the caster for 2 seconds by partially absorbing any incoming damage.

Additional information: Krista requires 80 Soul Stones to be summoned which is a very difficult task as her Soul Stones are becoming available only in very late chapters of the campaign mode. Krista and Lars are perfect combination and is considered to be one of the best combinations in the game. Due to the difficulty of getting her Soul Stones she is not that popular. Krista is commonly found in top teams together with Lars and is for sure worth investing.