Role: Mage / Control
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Chapter 11 – Longship Moorings, Chapter 12 – Glass Lake, Chapter 13 – Wolfsfang Cliff, Heroic Chests

Lars is a young northern mage. Naturally gifted in elemental magic, he lived prosperously and had the best teachers. Selfish and arrogant, Lars never offered his help for free. Everything changed when his life fell into the hands of his twin sister, who had been separated from Lars since birth.


Lord of the Storm – Lars summons a storm at the enemy’s backline, dragging heroes to its eye and applying a Mark of Water to each of them.

Chain Lightning – launches an electrical charge hitting each enemy one by one.

Lightning Bolt – strikes random enemy with a lightning bolt, dealing damage and stunning them for 4 seconds. Enemies with a Mark of Water are prioritized.

Conductance – all of Lars’ attacks against enemies with a Mark of Water deal more damage and stun them for a longer period of time.

Additional information: Lars is a Heroic Chest rarity. Same as Krista, Lars requires 80 Soul Stones to be summoned which is a very difficult task as his Soul Stones are becoming available only in very late chapters of the campaign mode. Krista and Lars are perfect combination and is considered to be one of the best combinations in the game. Due to the difficulty of getting his Soul Stones he is not that popular. Lars is commonly found in top teams together with Krista and is for sure worth investing