Let’s talk Titans

Building Titan teams

It is very important to have a strong guild war defense Titan team. There are a couple of options for Titan defensive teams, with the ideal team consisting of all three super-Titans, one support Titan and a strong tank. If you don’t have all of the super-Titans, keep reading.

The best tanks are Siguard and Angus. You need to level up Moloch a bit for dungeon progression but your war tank should be one of the former. Behind your tank you want to have 1 – 2 support Titans and the rest sniper Titans. Do not double stack tanks – it is not good! The most common support Titan which could be seen in wars are Avalon and Ignis. I rarely see anyone running Mairi. Also, Nova is by far the favorite sniper with Sylva and Vulcan making about equal appearances. So pick a tank, give them at least one support, maybe two, and fill the rest of the spots with snipers. If you get lucky and pull a super-Titan (or get one from an event), get them up to level quickly and put them in your lineup. They can replace a sniper or support Titan in your lineup but do not allow them to act as the tank. Keep your war Titans equal in level to one another. Once you have enough Titan potions to level them up, start with the tank, then the snipers, then the support. Once that’s complete, loop back to the tank and keep leveling. It is important to note, that tank titans takes leveling priority even over super-Titans.


Keeping your war Titans highest in strength is important, but you won’t be able to progress through the dungeon with only a few decent Titans. Therefore, when you’re leveling up Titans, throw some levels towards the other Titans who aren’t your war team. They should be a few levels behind your main team but not extremely far behind.

Titans and the Dungeon

In the dungeon, you cannot heal your Titans’ health. They do not regenerate between battles and if you don’t have Hyperion, none of the Titans will heal each other. Because of this, Titans are the limiting factor in how far you can progress in the dungeon each day. Once they’re dead, you have to wait until the next day for them to respawn.

As you progress through the dungeon, you will fight in Titan battles and hero battles on each floor. The hero battles earn you Titan potions and Titanite while the Titan battles earn you Titan soul stones and five-times as much Titanite as hero battles. The first time that you clear a room you will earn double the reward for that room but after that only the normal rewards.

Note that the dungeon does not end, as far as anyone I know is aware of (the furthest anyone on my server has made it is floor 4,700). You will hit save points every 10 battles, so that you can pick up progression from there the next day.

Each day you should try to earn 75 Titanite in the guild dungeon to help the guild earn Titan spheres and to complete the daily quest in your quest log for a free Titan sphere as well. Just achieving this number can be difficult, however, but will be much easier if you spend your guild war trophies buying Titan potions, which I advise heavily. If you go hog-wild and try to get 150 or more Titanite in the dungeon today, you may not even get to 75 tomorrow, or the next day, so pace yourself unless you’re putting money into the game to buy more Titan potions or spending emeralds to level them up.


For overall dungeon progression, outside of your war Titan team (which gets most of your potions), give potion priority to your non-war tanks, then your non-war snipers and finally your non-war support Titans.

When you enter a Titan battle in the dungeon, it is heavily advised to fight manually and not in auto, as you typically can make it further than playing in auto will get you. If things are going poorly, pause the battle and retreat so that you can try again (if you think you could have times something better, for example).

Typically your tanks will be the first Titans to die, making your next element-specific Titan battle much less likely to succeed. Because of this, sometimes when fighting a battle in which all elements can participate and leading with a weaker support Titan will allow you to progress past a battle by sacrificing a less important Titan in the process.

Tip for F2P Players

You get sparks of power from leveling up titans (mainly) which can be used to power a hero’s “gift of the elements”. This is the one place in the game where you can invest in a hero and later pull those resources back if you decide that you made a mistake. You lose the gold spent in the process but recover the sparks of power.

You can use this feature to complete the daily quest to “level up gift of the elements” for 300 titan potions for effectively nothing. Just level up a low level hero’s gift of the elements, collect the quest completion reward (titan potions) and then go to the hero and reset their gift of the elements to get the sparks of power back. Costs you 7k gold but that’s a heck of a deal for the titan potions.

Taken from MicahFett’s Beginner’s Guide to Hero Wars

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