Leveling Titans

How to get titanium? 

In the guild there is a Dungeon, which is passed by heroes and titans. For its passage, a resources are issued – titanites. As soon as the titanite scale (bar at the bottom of the window) is filled in the call circle, the player receives the call sphere. Call areas can also be obtained by completing certain tasks. A sphere can be purchased for emeralds as well.

Titans are divided into 3 elements:

  1. Fire.
  2. Land.
  3. Water.

The skills of titans and totems are enhanced during an attack on a certain type of element:

  1. Water – attack on titans of Fire increases.
  2. Fire beats the Earth.
  3. Earth – beats Water.

Collect the five titans, it is necessary starting from this cycle. In total, the game has 12 titans, 4 representatives of each class.

What is needed for a good five titans?

You need to pump a great tank (Moloch, Angus or Sigurd). Each tank has its own advantages.

  • Angus is an ideal option because with his skill he attacks all enemy titans. If you pump him an attack and health, then he will inflict tremendous damage. To do this, he should download 1 and 3 artifact.
  • Moloch – Stuns nearby enemies for 5 seconds and deals damage. First of all, he needs to download 1 and 3 artifacts.
  • Sigurd – Gains invulnerability with his skill. He should pump 2 artifacts on the armor, so that he could restrain the entire blow. 1 and 3 artifact can be left for later.

It is recommended to upgrade necessarily Hyperion. This is a representative of the water element. He deals massive damage to the back rows of rivals and heals the weakest ally. He needs to be upgraded a lot, because the treatment directly depends on his damage.

Titans that are focusing at damage should be higher in terms of leveling. All resources should go to them. All the other titans will play a supporting role for them.

Important for Guild Wars

  1. Sigurd – receives invulnerability and is well worth it.
  2. Angus – defeats all opponents for 8 seconds, causing periodic damage.
  3. Nova – deals massive damage to the back rows and stuns enemies for 4 seconds.
  4. Ignis – Strengthens the allied attack.
  5. Sylva – she simply attacks and complements the three elements of the Earth for the appearance of the totem.

Once you have super titans unlocked, you should change Sylva to Hyperion, Ignis to Araji and Angus to Eden. That’s the superior team of five.

Guide to titans can be found here.

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