Role: Mage / Control
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Grand Arena Shop

Following the path of love, the fox turned into a beautiful girl. But her happiness was short-lived, as her beloved fell in a battle. Crushed by grief, but strong in spirit, Lian decided to fight evil with the power of sincere feelings.


Enchantment – charms all enemies, putting them to sleep for 7 seconds. Sleeping enemies wake up when damaged.

Hypnotic Ball – fires a magical ball at the nearest enemies, then brings it back, dealing pure damage on the way.

Wandering Lights – creates 5 magical spheres and launches them at the nearest enemy, dealing magical damage.

Conciliation – passive skill. When Lian is damaged, teh enemy who dealth damage is charmed for 4 seconds.

Additional information: Lian could be acquired once you reach level 50 and unlock the Grand Arena Shop. Is Lian a good mage? There are a lot of doubts in regards to her abilities which very likely needs some rework or damage increase. Lian is an interesting hero but very rarely found in top teams and probably is not worth investing at the moment.