Role: Mage, Marksman
Main stat: Strength
How to get? Heroic Chests

She’s the Archdemon’s first wife, betrayed by him for a mortal woman. Since then, Lilith doesn’t believe in family ties. Her passion was for a different kind of relationship, her soul burnt in the fire of feelings long ago, and her heart is filled with a desire for revenge and all-consuming hatred.


Underworld Seal – applies a demonic seal to the central enemy. The seal explodes, damaging the target and nearby enemies. Lilith grows in size, increasing her max and current health for each enemy damaged and for each allied Chaotic Hero.

Demonic Fury – Lilith lashes out in demonic fury for 10.0 seconds, attacking twice with each basic attack. Her attacks also target the central enemy and deal extra magic damage in an area of effect.

Fire Breath – Lilith breathes fire onto the central enemy, reducing the target and nearby enemies’ magic defense by 8.0 seconds.

Sacrifice – if Lilith’s health is above 25%, she sacrifices percentage of her max health before using each skill, increasing her magic attack by the sacrificed amount of health for 10.0 seconds.

Additional information: Lilith is a great replacement for your more basic or common damage dealers. Lilith’s is very well rounded as she does a lot of damage and by using Underworld Seal, she can also have additional health stats. Lilith can be found in top teams and is worth investing.