Role: Tank / Control
Main stat: Strength
How to get? Outland Shop, Heroic Chests

Luther knows no doubt. He is as firm as his faith and directly pursues his goal. Demons have no enemy more hated than this harsh and fearless knight of the Order of St. Bran. He is alone, but only because he doesn’t want to put his loved ones in danger. And Luther won’t leave his path until he signs the death warrant of each and every demon!


Omen – Luther moves deep into enemy team, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Sentence – stuns nearby enemies and damages them.

Gehenna – landing after using Omen, Luther creates a fire wave that deals damage and stuns enemies ahead.

Doctrine of Faith – passive skill. Increases magic defense.

Additional information: Luther can be found in Outland Shop which becomes available once you reach team level 25. His first and third skills work very well together, however the fact that Luther jumps deep into enemy team might expose your team. You should consider having a second tank or more healthy Hero next to him during the start of the battle. Luther is a great tank and has a lot of stun abilities, he could replace Galahad or Astaroth. He’s commonly found in top teams and is worth investing.