Role: Healer / Support
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Grand Arena Shop

A healer of the Order who miraculously survived a demonic raid on his monastery. A divine power, granted from above, helped him defeat his enemies and cure his mortally wounded allies. Ever since, Markus has been traveling the world, granting people life.


Holy Shield – Markus casts a shield on the ally with the lowest health. The shield blocks any damage for 5 seconds and heals the ally.

Righteous Light – Markus launches a wave of light forward and backward, healing allies and dealing damage to enemies.

Compassion – heals the ally with the lowest health.

Ascension – after dying Markus temporarily becomes a ghost and can still use all available skills. Enemies can’t target the ghost.

Additional info:rmation Markus is one of the higher-end Healer / Support heroes out there, you can field him as a replacement for both Thea and Dorian. However, Martha and Maya are way better healers than Markus, so it is important to consider this before investing more into Markus. Due to popularity of Martha and Maya and difficulty to obtain Soul Stones, Markus is not that commonly found in top teams but might be worth investing.