May Release Notes

Notes released on 9th of May 2020

Heidi Rework

Damage scaling is improved – it allows Heidi to deal more pure damage.

  • Deathflower: Summons a huge mushroom at the center of the enemy team; it spreads toxic spores, poisoning all enemies in the effective range.
    Poison deals (50% Mag. atk + 75) pure damage per 3 seconds.
  • Toxic Spit: Shoots the nearest enemy, poisoning and blinding them.
    Poison deals (70% Mag. atk + 80) pure damage per 5 seconds.
  • Shake Charmer: Throws a snake at the rival with the lowest health which bites the rival dealing pure damage.
    Damage: 75% Mag. atk + 110. Skill cooldown is decreased.

Outland update

The following Skins are now available for purchase:

  • Cybernetic: Orion, Mojo, Satori
  • Solar: Kai, Lian, Jhu

The following Skins are now available in Outland Chest:

  • Devil: Aurora, Elmir, Ziri
  • Lunar: Astaroth, Heidi, Dark Star
  • Romantic: Daredevil, Astrid & Lucas, Sebastian

Various improvements and changes


  • Fury of Akhreb Ummi: Enemy knockback range is increased.


  • Basic attack: Attack range is decreased.
  • Rhythm of War: Passive skill now doesn’t work after Sebastian’s death.


  • Living Earth: Bug in Guild War and Cross-Server Tournament is fixed. Now skill effect of ally protection works correctly on attacks to undefeated opponents.


  • Last Word: Added the missing animation of revival for certain Astaroth’s Skins.

Source @ HeroWarsMobile Facebook

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